Wanted: Godly Fathers
The Process of Restoration
The Cost of Following Jesus
What Will Be Your Memorial?
The Battle for Your Mind
Thank God for Your Mother by Larry Vann
Testing a Transformation
The Power of the Word of God
The Power of the Resurrection
From Cheers to Jeers
Sin Addiction
Zeal-Love Ablaze
Joy Killers
The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength
A Passion for Christ
The Temptation to Quit
Who Will You Deny, Yourself or Christ?
Truth or Consequences
Spiders and Snakes
Life in the Spirit part 6, "God's Inseparable Love"
Life in the Spirit part 5, "Good Glory!"
Life in the Spirit, part 4 "From Groaning to Glory"
Life in the Spirit, part 3 "The Family"
Life in the Spirit, part 2
Why Do We Sing?
Life in the Spirit part 1
The Ministry of the Holy Spirit 2
The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit Is God
Give Thanks
Jesus is God (part 3)
Jesus is God (part 2)
Jesus is God (part 1)
Who's Your "Daddy"?
Who is God?
God's Promises
The Body and Blood of Christ
You've Lost that Loving Feeling
Who Is My Brother?
Trusting God
Why Should I Work?
The Power of the Secret Closet
Closet Christians
Cleaning Our Closets
Grace and Responsibility (part 2)
Grace and Responsibility (part 1)

Understand the Heart of Man by Larry Vann
The Declaration of Dependence
Staying in God's Presence
A Gift of Fatherhood
Mercy Me!?
God of Mercy
Don't Let Down Your Wall
Possessed by God
A Mother's Influence
Are You Saved or Religious
Communicating with God
Are you the Reason?
God's Gift of Righteousness

I AM - Never Late!
Are You Carrying a Comfortable Cross?
Freedom from Fear
How to Respond to Spiritual Attacks
Recognizing Spiritual Attacks
Last Days Lifestyle
Preparing for Persecution
As Useless as a Screen Door on a Submarine
I Believe It
It Will Take a Miracle
Required Resolutions
Signs of a Born Again Believer
Has Jesus Been Born in You?
Get Back, Get Back to Where You Once Belonged
Pardon Me!
Walking in Holiness
Will We Be Silent or Will We Shine?
How to Change Our Culture
Got Hearing Problems?
Are You Listening?
The Sacredness of Submission
Freedom through Submission
The Power of Submission
From Rebellion to Restoration
A Spirit of Rebellion
Praying for Others
Maintaining Unity
That They May All Be One
Test Yourself
The Danger and Deception of Mental Assent
What You Truly Believe is What You Do
Choosing Deception
It is NO Longer I Who Live
Adopting Our Identity in Christ
Taking on a New Identity in Christ
Who Am I?
Don't Waste Your Sorrows

Mission from God by Larry Vann
Everybody Else But Me
A Naive Request
Are You a Friend of God, part 2
Are You a Friend of God, part 1
Resurrecting the Resurrection
Hosanna or Crucify Him!?
Don't Pass Over Passover
What's Your Message?
Tennis Shoe Christianity
When the Train Jumps the Tracks
The New Covenant

Disciple or Deserter?
Entertaining the Goats
Effects of Seeing God's Glory

Ultimate Favor

Taking Responsibility for Our Heart
Failure is NOT an Option
Blessings of Brokenness
Forgiving the Past and Pressing On
What Will You Give to Jesus?
Staying Focused on Christ during Christmas
I Yam What I Yam
From the Pits to the Peaks through Praise
Will He Find Faith?
And Be Thankful
Living in Peace
How to Have Joy
Trust Me
3 R's of the Gospel
Say the Name
Judging Judges
The End of Me
Be Angry, But Do Not Sin
Stand Firm by Jack McCullough
We Must Not Forget
Happy Labor Day!
Letting Jesus Get under Your Skin
Why Do We Sin?
This is a Test
Should I or Shouldn't I?
Great Day for UP
The Declaration of Dependence
Staying Pure in an Impure World
The Fatherhood of Joseph, Son of David
The American Nightmare
The Demas Syndrome
Remembering What's Important
Mush God or Mighty God
On Target
A Mother's Influence
God's Loving Discipline
Don't Do It!
The Commandment of Jesus
The Ascension of Jesus Christ
Resurrection Power
Entering God's Rest
What the World Needs Now
Effects of the Resurrection
Saved by Grace Through Faith
How Much Do You Love God?
Breaking Controlling Habits
Keeping Resolutions
What Child is This?
Waiting for the Messiah
Recovering from Rejection
The Pitfalls of Rejection
What to Do When the News is Bad
Have You Been Baptized by Jesus?
Should I Get Baptized Again?
God's Protection
Jesus Transform Lives
Jesus: Lord or Assistant?
Lord, Make Us Abnormal
The Truth About Faith
The Truth About Lying
The Evil Twins: Jealousy and Envy
Lessons from "Green Eggs and Ham"
Hurt and Bitterness
The War of Words
Praying for the Lost
Spiritual Warfare
God's Will
A Stranger in Our Midst
Praying in the Holy Spirit
Independence Is America's Problem
The Godlyfather
Worship in Spirit and Truth
Living by the Spirit
Why We Are Not Afraid of the Holy Spirit
How Will We Be Remembered?
The Greatest Mother in the World
Dead to Sin, Alive to God
NO Condemnation
Pass the Salt!
The Stone Was Rolled Away
Blessed Are the Persecuted
We Would Like to See Jesus
Blessed Are the Peacemakers
Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
Blessed Are the Merciful
What Are You Hungry For?
The Strength of Meekness
Good Mourning!
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
Never Stop Dreaming
The Real Jesus
Accomplishing Our Purpose
The Indescribable Gift
The Word Became Flesh
God's Privileged Children
Much Obliged
Everything Changes When You Fall in Love
Caught in the Sin Cycle
The Characteristics of a Successful and Growing Church
Who Are We Celebrating?
Making Comparisons by Larry Vann
Fear? Not!
The Power of Praise
Dealing with Depression
Dealing with Doubt
Yes We Can
Maturing Gracefully
A Time for Boldness
God Cannot Forgive...
Who is Going to Clean the Church?
The Danger of Drifting
Giving to God
What Next?
Confronting Our Culture
Amazing Grace
A Godly Nation Requires Christian Soldiers by Larry Vann
The Secret of Contentment
Delliverance from the Depths of Despair
When Father Does Best
Wholly Holy
Diamonds in the Rough
I'm Sorry, But It is Not Over!
The World's Oldest Profession
Getting What You Want from God
Normal or Nominal?
What Difference Does It Make?
What Do You Expect?
Everbody Hurts
Do You Need A Change?
The Purpose of Our Life
A Fast Sermon
Prayer Makes a Difference
Become a Prayer Warrior
The Lord's Prayer
Sing and Be Happy by Brother Larry Vann
Prayer As a Way of Life
Intercessory Prayer
Claiming Godís Riches--The Value of Repentant Prayer
Big Numbers, Little Ones
The Requirements for Answered Prayer
Paying Attention to God
Event of the Year
An Empty Manger
Where Would Jesus Be Born Today?
A Strange Way to Save the World
God's Will for Our Lives
Grumbling Against Jesus
Lessons from Noah
My Brother's Keeper
The Devil Made Me Do It!
Not Everything Was Good in Creation
The Meaning of Man
Answers for Life from Creation
The Holy Spirit is God!
Jesus is God
Who is God?
Is the Bible Fact or Fiction?
Is the Bible Relevant for Today?
Deliver Us from the Evil One
The god of ME
Gods of Power
God of Money
True Love
God is Love
America by Brother Larry Vann
Gods of Pleasure
You Shall Have No Other Gods
God's Plan for the Man
The Finale, God Has an App for That!
God's Apps for Healing
Patience During Affliction
Making a Bucket List
Prioritize Your Investments
Preventing a Broken Heart
Restoring a Broken Heart Through Forgiveness
Restoring a Broken Heart
Curbing the Tongue
He Came Back!
Resuscitating our Faith Through Brokenness
Reviving a Dying Faith
Faith Works
God Shows No Favoritism
What are You Thinking?
Flee Temptation
Overcoming Temptation
Too Blessed to Be Stressed!
Turning Stress into Joy
Lessons from Simeon and Anna
Where's the Peace?
Are You Unleashed?
The Power of an Attitude of Gratitude
Attitude Determines Altitude
Kinetic--Keep Moving
Hazardous---Are We Living Out God's Grace?
Hazardous (part 1, Affluence)
All Shook Up!
Preparing for Pandemonium and Prevailing when it Comes
The Purpose of Pandemonium
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