Salvation is God's to give. The Church belongs to Him, by virtue of the fact that He purchased the Church with the blood of His Son. The Bible clearly states how sinners may be added to His Church and relates several occasions when people received salvation. We invite you to read the Scriptures, therefore, to learn the Bible answer to the most important question of receiving salvation.

  • Acts 2 (Peter's inspired answer is in v. 38.)
  • Acts 8 (particularly v. 12, 13, 25-39)
  • Acts 9:1-19 along with Acts 22:1-16
  • Acts 10
  • Acts 16 (particularly vv. 14-34)

See the study, "About Baptism," in the Info Center tab. Also read the article, "An Historical Perspective on Baptism." Both of these are also located in the Baptism folder in the Info Center.

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